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Simon Adam


open-CommasIn 2008 I made the decision to stop importing finished product and manufacture everything we offered on site. People questioned what I was doing as imported product was a reasonable chunk of our business at the time and simply reselling has advantages, so to an extent it was a gamble. At the end of the day though there were 2 aspects of the business that I most enjoyed, making things and building a great team of people and through focusing on developing and manufacturing our own British made products we have grown a unique, sustainable business that is a pleasure to run.close-Commas
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Mark Alderson



Having returned to the family business in 2013, I quickly realised the promotional industry was evolving. As a result of technological advances and the buying practices of millennials, international sourcing had become common place, neglecting many UK manufacturers. As a result, I decided to fight back and fly the British flag.
Over the last few years, I am honoured to have played an active role in creating and chairing the Briman Group (BRITISH MANUFACTURING GROUP) and believe The TMA has a unique opportunity to continue promoting British Made products.close-Commas

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Susanne Langley Profile Picture

Susanne Langley


open-CommasThe beauty of cut and sew products, is you can make many items, in many materials and create really beautiful, meaningful merchandise, built to last. At Juniper, our team gets a real buzz out of creating bespoke products and offering colour combinations on standard items that have probably never been put together before. Generating products totally on brand to client corporate guidelines, and doing so for small or large runs, made in the UK, provides us with a unique solution to merchandise. I believe passionately that we need to make and sell product designed to last, from materials that are sustainable and provide thoughts and solutions for their end of life. This has many challenges but it is one that we at Juniper are totally focussed on.
It is a fascinating industry to be part of, with great suppliers and distributors alike, and like many, we at Juniper aim to be part of its sustainable future.

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Lee Woodcock


open-CommasFor us, being trade only makes sense. Our core group of customers are experts in what they do, giving us the time to focus on what we do well, making sure our customers come back to us time after time with high quality products and amazing customer service.
We understand that every order we send out represents you and your company so every order is quality checked thoroughly.
Manufacturing in the UK gives us control of the entire process from quote to despatch giving you the peace of mind you need. close-Commas
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