Why work with
a TMA Manufacturer?

Quality, Simplicty, Flexibility, Reliability

From Design to Delivery - why our UK made merchandise makes sense

There are many benefits to your dealing directly with a TMA UK manufacturer – here’s just some


Innovative high quality products, tailored to your needs, competitively priced.  Plus every year we introduce more so that you can offer your clients something new.


A lot has been said about ‘supply chain transparency’ and that people should know exactly where their goods are made to cut modern slavery out of the supply chain, with most big brands insisting on it. With a TMA manufacturer you can even come and see the items being made first hand here in the UK.

Quality Control At Every Stage

Each of our factories has quality control procedures ensuring that products are manufactured, printed and finished to the highest standards.

Short Lead Times

We understand the UK market and our distributors needs for short lead times. It’s the world we live in and it is up to us to meet expectations where physically possible.


On many of the products offered there is no minimum order quantity. Where one is stated you will probably find it is the lowest available.

Simple Communication Channels

When you talk to a TMA manufacturer you’re talking directly with the UK factory whose experts will understand your requirements and help provide solutions.

Excellent Customer Service At All Stages Of Your Order

See the service level standards we have all agreed to stick to.

No Customs Issues Or Import Duties

Quite simply the delays caused by random customs inspections meaning potential missed events or deadlines just doesn’t happen with us and we’ll never call you to say there is an unexpected duty to pay on your goods before they are released.

Flexibility And The Ability To React Quickly

By dealing direct with the factory we can help you deal with the unexpected and sort out any issues fast. No delays in the support you need due to time zone differences.

Credit Accounts Rather Than Upfront Payments

First orders with new customers are normally paid pro forma but after successful completion of an account application credit can be offered at an agreed level and as long as you pay within terms all will be well. Overseas factories, on the other hand, normally require full payment up front.

*T+C’s apply


See each company’s website for more details and copies of our certifications.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Whilst our raw materials will come in by land and sea, airfreighting in bulkier finished product has a far greater negative impact on the environment. We are also subject to much stricter environmental controls here in the UK than many overseas factories so you can be sure that British made products are the better environmental choice.

Read Our Service Level Guarantees